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patch install tools

Created: 04 Apr 2012 | 3 comments

Hi all

I am new to Altiris so donot have in depth knowledge of the tool,can someone please let me know that what processes initiate after the agent gets installed on the system?

What is the role of Patch Install tools and when should it run?

Does a patch policy gets impacted if the system has not run patch install tools?



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Issue: During my patching cycle 10% of my clients report back non-compliant and clients do not receive their updates. The NS Agent is installed but on some clients, the Symantec agent is not Started.  

Is there an Altiris report that can tell me what clients have not communicated with the Notification Server and the last time they communicated? Or, how can I create a custom report using the Altiris SQL Database to create a report?



Carlos Gomez

Systems Administrator

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@Right, not sure if you meant to create a new thread as it doesn't really pertain to original post.  A report I use is Reports - Discover and Inv - Inv - Cross-Platform - Inventory Diag - "Computers that have not reported inventory in last N days"

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Hi Vikram,

After Software Update Plugin is installed on the system, following processes initiate as they go (Only client-related steps are listed - Import Data and Distribute Updates are omitted):

1. Software Update Plugin Settings arrive to client. (You can Access them on NS: All Settings -> Agents/Plug-ins -> Software -> Patch Management -> Windows -> Default Software Update Plug-In Settings). Settings define install schedules, notifications shown to Users, etc.

2. Vulnerability Scan Policy arrives to client and executes for the first time. Vulnerability scan detects, which updates are requierd to this client.

3. Vulnerability Scan Results are reported to NS Server, and Software Update Target are updated accordingly - only needed Updates will arrive to that client.

4. Software Update(s) arrive to Client. After Software Update arrived - it is listed in Software Updates tab of Symantec Management Agent.

5. Software Update(s) will be installed, according to schedules, specified in Particular Updates, or according to Default Software Update Plugin Settings policy (p. 1). 

Patch Install Tools package is used by some of the Software Updates during their execution. User or admin cannot run this package, all the related actions performed automatically: If Software Update requires Patch Install Tools for its execution then Patch Install Tools package files will be used in the scope of Update Installation.

So, answering Your question, Does a patch policy gets impacted if the system has not run patch install tools? Typical answer would be No, Policy is not impacted when Patch Install Tools not executed - because the package does not run by itself. Software Updates just use files from this package during their execution.

Can I ask, what kind of problem do You have?

Best regards,