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Patch management 7.5

Created: 28 Jul 2014 • Updated: 15 Nov 2014 | 6 comments
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I want compliance report bulletin wise and with hostname or computer name along with it, so that we can see which are the patches pending on specific machine. How do I generate that report?


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You can check this

Windows Compliance by Bulletin report (Reports > Software > Patch Management > Compliance > Windows Compliance by Bulletin

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Hi James,

I checked that but it shows only the bulletins and its compliance, doesn't show hostname or computer name.

I want name of computer and the patches or bulletins that are applicable or installed or yet to be installed on that machine.


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Not be sure, is this report you are require?

Check the thread


Sumit G.

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Did you check these reports?


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Hello ronak8590,

The reporting is in place to give this data in a way to maximize the best performance, for the data will return and display rows exponentially for each client and for each update.

The Compliance by Computer report is the best out of box for this request, for then you can quickly see the Computer Name and the count of updates not installed. You may change the parameters of dates in the report to reflect a specific month of deployments and see a count of what has not been deployed. Most of the time you will see a common value of 'Vulnerable' updates, and you may hightlight a client right-click > View Not Installed Updates to see details of which they are. Spot check a few and you will see they are generally the same updates due to a problem with the deployment, client execution, returned data from the client or processing of Patch Inventories. Then you may correct the issue.

Additionally, I have attached a SQL report that will give you what you are asking, but again please keep in mind that this report is going to hit the database for each update and return a row for each client. Example: If you have 200 updates applicable to each machine, and 5k machines, you will get 1m rows returned. 

Hope this helps,


SQL Query - Ultimate Patch Report - all updates & bulletins.txt 2.48 KB