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Patch Management Import Data Replication for Red Hat

Created: 10 Mar 2013 | 4 comments

Does anyone know how to replicate the Patch MetaData etc from a Global NS to a Child NS which does not have an internet connection without setting up an explicted Hierarchy?

I am aware that the "Patch Management Import Data Replication for Red Hat" replication task within Hierarchy Management does this however due to the setup of our environment we are trying to avoid having a Hierarchy setup.

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I forgot to mention that I am aware that the SMP does not support a child NS downloading PMImport without an internet connection. I am more interested in working around this and replicating the data which already exists on the Global NS down.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Unfortunately Replication is not supported without hierarchy. Also Child NS can download PM import data from parent, however update packages itself are being downloaded from the internet.



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Hi Alex,

I am aware that Replication is not supported without Hierarchy and I have been able to fix all the issues we have encountered without contacting support.

With regards to your second point that is what I am trying to get information on. Would it be possible if you could post on how to accomplish this? I will take it as being unsupported by support but would still like to implement it.


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Hello Sarquiss,

The process for running Patch Management 7.1 SP1+ within a non-internet environment is detailed on KM: HOWTO59024

  • Note: the process changes for Patch are configured directly on the Non-Net-Facing SMP
  • It is better if no hierarchy is in place, for the Parent SMP takes ownership of the Child SMP's 'Import Patch Data' settings, and they will become greyed out (unchangeable) on the Child SMP; in essence, the Child SMP is unable to modify settings to 'Alternate download location' etc.
  • Additionally: this non-internet setting cannot be done for RH / Linux at this time, and is detailed further on the article link above.

Please note: The PMImport .cab file is not replicated directly from the Parent SMP, and the process is detailed on KM: HOWTO83929 if you would like to review.

I hope this helps,