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Patch Management inconsistent patching?

Created: 16 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

When I chose to download all the Silverlight patches I expected the updates to only apply to the corresponding installed version. For example, if a client has Silverlight 3.0, then he would get patched to 3.0.5. If a client has 4.0.5, then he would get patched to 4.0.60130. In other words, I expected PM to patch up to the highest minor build of each major version.

Instead, all the updates pull down to client and evaluate as superseded and the latest version of Silverlight 5.X is installed. But the same is not true for Java. If a client has java 6.X, then it is not replaced with 7.X. Instead, the 7.X update evaluates to not applicable (as I would expect). What is going on here?

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I'm guessing but I think it might be to do with the rules that the software company uses. So Windows Update will patch any Silverlight up to the latest but the Java Updater will only update 6.n to the latest 6 version (although this may change soon).

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Hi shafiq1,

Probably previous major versions of Silverlight are EOL'd already, so if there are some issues that are related to them, these issues  will be fixed in the latest version of Silverlight.
Thus the latest Silverlight updates are offered to be installed.