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Created: 04 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
Just a couple of questions about patch management.
1. is there a way setting new patch updates to deploy to a test group without any intervention ie: at the moment the system downloads the updates overnight, the day after I create a new policy by distributing and download the new updates, then modify the policy to go to my test users. I'm looking for a similar solution to how WSUS works.
2. Is there a way of creating a software policy that has the first dependency pointing to a Patch policy and then the installation of a software resource. Ie: we need to install a program on a group of computers but need to install the java update first. I know I could set a dependency for Java xxx in the policy but would like to have the patch policy run first as part of the one policy.
Thanks, Catherine
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1. You can set the default target for newly created patch policies in patch management > settings > remediation > default resource target  used by Software update policy wizard.

There is no built in automation for creating the update policies. You can check the following link to use a tool designed for it.

If you are experienced with the Workflow solution, there is also a workflow project for it.

2. You can't use Software Update Policies in normal managed delivery policies. The only way is to make your own software update package by importing the patch file and the command line. The patches are saved in \Altiris\Patch Management\Packages\Updates\<Update>. The command lines you can find in the Advanced tab of the software update policy.

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