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Patch management - Report of patches scheduled to deliver?

Created: 11 May 2013 | 6 comments
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Is there a report that would show the patch policy you created and patches to be distributed? Very helpful to show stakeholders on what is being being delivered

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Could you please verify the Report\All Reports\Patch Management\Remediation\Windows Software Update Delivery - Details?


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Hi Luke,  

I am looking for a report or a way to show the patch Policy and the list of software updates and bulletins that is associated with it.  



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Run Windows Compliance by Update report and select 'Active' from distribution status dropdown list. It shows bulletins and updates associated with the active policies.

Windows Compliance by Update.PNGH



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I know this doesn't work on 7.1 (yet) and I don't remember where I got it in the first place but I was using this report on my NS6 box so I could look at a server or a bulletin and determine what was staged to install against a particular computer.  Maybe one of the better SQL folks in here could work some magic on it:

select distinct

isu._ResourceGuid, AS [Computer Name], AS [Software Bulletin], AS [Software Update],

isnull(customSevName.SeverityName, vendorSevName.SeverityName) Severity,

swb.FirstReleaseDate ReleaseDate,

swb_swu.ParentResourceGuid AS [_SWBGuid],

ii.ParentResourceGuid AS [_SWUGuid],

ai.enabled AS [Enabled]

from Inv_Software_Update ia

join vItem i on i.Guid = ia._ResourceGuid

join ResourceAssociation ii on ii.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = '6CCB60F8-E88D-4BA2-959F-4B531C8C5FCD' --Is Installed

and ii.ParentResourceGuid = ia._ResourceGuid

join ResourceAssociation isa on isa.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = 'D528BCE5-8911-4762-90D9-72CA0AB87D86' --Is Applicable

and isa.ParentResourceGuid = ia._ResourceGuid

join ResourceAssociation swb_swu on swb_swu.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = '7EEAB03A-839C-458D-9AF2-55DB6B173293' --SWB to SWU

and ia._ResourceGuid = swb_swu.ChildResourceGuid

join Inv_Software_Bulletin swb on swb_swu.ParentResourceGuid = swb._ResourceGuid

join vSoftwareUpdate vswb on vswb.Guid = swb_swu.ParentResourceGuid

join Inv_Applicable_Microsoft_Software_Update isu on isu.InventoryRuleGuid = isa.ChildResourceGuid

join Inv_AeX_AC_Identification cid on isu._ResourceGuid = cid._ResourceGuid

left join Inv_Installed_Microsoft_Software_Update iisu on iisu.InventoryRuleGuid = ii.ChildResourceGuid

and isu._ResourceGuid = iisu._ResourceGuid

join ItemActive ai on ai.Guid = swb._ResourceGuid

left join Inv_PM_Severity_Rating customSev on ia._ResourceGuid = customSev._ResourceGuid

and customSev.ProviderGuid = 'E2FEA34C-ADBB-47BD-9D7A-1092C5078245'

join Inv_PM_Severity_Rating vendorSev on ia._ResourceGuid = vendorSev._ResourceGuid

and vendorSev.SeverityRatingSystemGuid = 'F1BEB524-9694-4E8E-BF78-0F04736556E2'

left join Inv_Severity_Rating_Level customSevName on customSev.SeverityRatingSystemGuid = customSevName._ResourceGuid

and customSev.SeverityLevel = customSevName.SeverityLevel

join Inv_Severity_Rating_Level vendorSevName on vendorSev.SeverityRatingSystemGuid = vendorSevName._ResourceGuid

and vendorSev.SeverityLevel = vendorSevName.SeverityLevel

where 1 = 1

and ai.Enabled = '1'

and iisu._ResourceGuid is null

and cid.Name LIKE '%COMPUTERNAME%'

and upper(vswb.Name) like upper(%SWBulletin%) --FILTER: SWBGuid

The last two lines are custom parameters.

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I'm not sure this is going to work.  I've attached a screenshot from my old NS6 that shows that the "applicable updates" view in the resource manager contains much different information and the underpinnings may no longer be there.

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as a first hint, this would give you all Patch-Policies:

SELECT i.guid AS '_ItemGUID', i.Name, i.Description FROM Item i
        JOIN ItemClass ic ON ic.Guid = i.Guid
ic.ClassGuid = '49FE4304-E09D-4382-9026-715868FFB856'