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Patching Multiple Languages - TONS of drive space used

Created: 23 Mar 2011 • Updated: 24 Mar 2011 | 2 comments
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Using Altiris 7.1 released this month and trying to setup for patching workstations (many of which have not been patched in ages).

The big problem I'm having is that I have to account for 16 languages (we have 200 global sites). I've selected the appropriate languages in the patch settings and when I stage a single bulletin, it downloads every language in addition to each OS specific file. One of the bulletins has 83 updates alone for all the languages and OSs. I can expect that on the NS, but what concerns me are the package servers and their available disk space.

Just staging bulletins released since 02/08/11 has taken up almost 4 gigs of drive space which is then immediately copied to my package servers... As I stage more bulletins, I'm going to quickly overwhelm the drive space on most of these package servers...

What are the recommendations for patching multiple languages. Are there anyways to only stage certain 'updates' (language specific) to package servers and/or allow the package servers to ONLY download updates required by agents at a site?

Anyone else handling multiple languages for patching? Has anyone found any suitable workarounds?


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There is an option for package servers called "Package Servers automatically with manual prestaging", it's available on the vendor settings pages (Adobe, Microsoft). Enabling this should force the package servers to download only those packages that are needed by the clients assigned to those package servers.


Robert Steinle

Symantec Corporation

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Robert, Thanks for the reply. I had that option selected to begin with, but was still seeing the updates staged immediately to the test package server, so I suspected I was missing something.

However, playing with it some more, I now realize (I hope) what is going on.

It appears that package servers that are in the SAME site as the NS do infact get any and ALL staged updates immediately.

However, package servers in OTHER sites are not downloading them immediately (and I assume waiting on a client to request the update). And that I'm okay with. I just didn't realize the site server in the same site as the NS was going to work a little differently.

Thanks again.