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Patching Server via Task and Script

Created: 05 Mar 2013

Hi Community,

In the version of Altiris 6, we use Task Server and a javascript to patch all servers. I wrote a script in the past it does the following task: Check if patches was download, launch Software Update Cycle and at the same time check if it reach the end of the list to patch. 

That was before I founded built-in task in the Task Server who does that. 

We bring the scripts in Altiris 7, it work fine sometime and sometine not ! 

I'm interested to recreate something in .net and I want to use PatchMgmtAgentsUI.dll and import it to my .Net C# program. 

Anyone here have a clue on how to use it efficiently ? Or have some simple example to use it correctly ?

Thanks in advance and it would be a pleasure to share with the community.



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