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patience page doesnt always show

Created: 19 Jan 2010 • Updated: 20 Jul 2010 | 1 comment
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I have the File and Active Content Detection set to block in one of my policies....when the users download a file, the patience page appears, shows the file is downloading to the SWG and then the user can download it from the appliance...perfect. But it doesnt always appear...sometimes the file downloads normally without showing the patience page...and, I assume, without being scanned by the appliance...any ideas why this happens?


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Hi Simon,

SWG actually has two scanning modes it can automatically switch between per download to maintain compatibility and functionality for the end user.  While we prefer the patience page under most scenarios as we like to communicate to the end user if there is malware in their download, there are some instances where SWG will automatically switch to a streaming (but still scanning) method that is entirely transparent to the user.  We want to make sure that no matter what, the user gets the file they are requesting without breaking (unless it contains a virus).

The following are a handful of conditions that will cause SWG to stream:
* Certain File Types
* Certain Content Types
* Certain Domains 
* Files under 50KB in size
* All FTP File Transfers
* All Instant Message File Transfers
* All File Uploads of any kind

Also note that if SWG detects that a patience page is unable to load for any reason (browser incompatibility, etc...) it will automatically switch to streaming mode for that download to maintain compatibility.

Note that we are still scanning while in streaming mode.

Thank you for your question.


Senior Product Manager - Web Gateway