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paused due to network disconnection + veritas volume replication + urgent help is needed

Created: 17 Apr 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi ,
I have configured tow servers(solaris) in two different subnets. After configuring replication network,the status is described as follows.

Replicated Data Set: DR_RVG
Host name: <hostname 1>
RVG name: DR_RVG
DG name: datadg
RVG state: enabled for I/O
Data volumes: 2
VSets: 0
SRL name: data_srl
SRL size: 20.00 G
Total secondaries: 1

Host name: <hostnmae 2>
RVG name: DR_RVG
DG name: datadg
Data status: inconsistent
Replication status: paused due to network disconnection
Current mode: asynchronous
Logging to: SRL (82215 Kbytes behind, 0% full)
Timestamp Information: behind by 0h 16m 8s

can you please tell me what are the possibitlies for this "paused due to network disconnection" problem. Becuase in my servers , no issues with hostnames are piningn. No issues with that

With regards,

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vxprint -Vl <rvg name>
vradmin -g <dg name> -l printrvg <rvg name> 

Just make sure the ip that being used for replication is able to communicate.

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also pls provide "vxprint -lP"

I got the exact problem the other day, after I changed server ip address,  as originally I assumed VVR just uses host name from /etc/hosts or from dns to get the ip address for replication.  Actually VVR store the ip address into its configuration, though I configured them by hostname.

After I changeip with vvr, it connected again automatically.  (vradmin changeip)

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In addition to above outputs, please provide # vxprint -qhtg datadg

Will help us to determine the issue....


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Sridhar_sri's picture

HI gaurav,
                 Thanks for responding to this question. it was the problem in my setup (domain name server is not resolved properly).

can u pls look into my new query(i.e., how to resolve stale entries in replication netowork) and if possible can u provide ur valuable solution on that.

With regards,