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Created: 19 Feb 2013 | 1 comment

I am having problems connect outside local network.  I need the setting for my computer to login in from outside or internet connection.

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You can't have pcAnywhere soltuion with out altiris.

Gateway is an old product and is not part of pcAnywhere solution. If you want to use the gateway it is a great product and you would then set up port forwarding from the out side network to the machine that you have installed pcanywhere gateway on.

Here is how to install and configure the gateway.

Then you install host on all the machines inside the network that you whant to connet to. Here is how to install and configure the hosts.

Then from the out side you would connect to the public IP of your location. The port forwarding would pass this trafic on 5631 to the gateway. Then the gatway would scan the network for any hosts that answere the broadcast request on port 5632. Then you on the out side would see a list of all the host available to the gateway.

check out the links and let us know if there are more questions.


PS: is a great resource on how to set up port forwarding on many different modems.

Check this thread

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