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PC Anywhere 'console' will no longer start

Created: 02 May 2012 | 2 comments

Please bear(sic?) with me, I'm not very technical and will use incorrect terminology I'm sure.

My company has been installing PC Anywhere Host only at several remote locations. These appeared to install correctly, but on a site survey, most now fail when we try to start the 'console'. However the 'host caller' is ok and a remote connection can still be made to this.

To clarify this and my terminology, when PC anywhere is installed, it installs what i have called the console. You then run the console to create and edit 'host callers'. We configure a single host caller to launch on start up - it is the host caller that runs ok, and the console that no longer starts up. As such, I'm unable to verify the caller configuration. I have also observed this on PC's we have set-up in our office - initially set-up ok but some weeks later will no longer launch the console.

On these PC's i have removed and re-installed but to no avail. The issue suggests that there is a licensing problem, however as far as I'm aware there is no product key (we have purchased single user products for all our installations) - there is only the optional registration.


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If I understand correctly the whole PCA product has been installed on each machine. So each machine could be Host or Remote.
You have configured one Caller the same way at all installations. (You have not say if a PCA caller or AD caller or whatever)
For some days or weeks you can connect to this host machines now. (Could you also start sessions from them?)

Is it only the console which does not start anymore? I mean is there a pcAnywhere tray icon in the task bar showing the status of the Host?
Is any service started on the machine related to pcAnywhere? (Symantec pcAnywhere Host Service).
Do you get any error message on the screen or in the Windows Event Logs?
What platform is it? (Windows 2003; XP; 7….)
You have any other remote tool in use as well? (Remote Desktop; Terminal Server; Citrix…)

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If you could provide any errors that you recieve that might help.  If you open your windows event viewer are there errors when you try to open the pcAnywhere GUI (console) on your host machines?

Do you have admin rights?

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