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PC Name changes after imaging

Created: 23 Sep 2013 • Updated: 11 Aug 2015 | 8 comments

We are imaging computers using ITMS with Ghost. during the install of Windiows 7 on an existing computer, the name carried over from Windows XP to Windows 7, but now we are getting a WIN-************* name.  We have our own unattend file, there have been no changes made. Does anyone have any ideas what would cause this to happen?  

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Are you using the computer name token in your unattend.xml?  %COMPNAME%

That's the first thought that came to my mind.

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If I'm not mistaken, this is a typical random name given by WinPE 3.x/4.x environment. If you do not - as cbleeson assumed - capture the name prior to the Win7 deployment, the PE name is most likely being used.


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replace in your unattend.xml file Computername by:


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This used to work with no problem.  I checked out unattend.xml and that has not been in there.  I just put it in.  I will try it and let you know how it goes.

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Any news?  We are having similar issues.

After imaging, our duplicate GUID report shows the PC as having the same GUID as"win-**********"  though that win- name does not exist in altiris.  We also get duplicate computers...a PC will get reimaged and then two of the same computer names will appear in the console with the same IP address.

In my experience, PCs with duplicate GUIDs don't show up at the same time in the console, rather the PC that checked in last will show up until the other PC checks in and back and forth.

I can get rid of the duplicates by running the Resource Merge Rule, but the task history is not always preserved and I shouldn't have to run it after every image job.  We are going to be imaging over 2000 PCs soon and this is a big concern at the moment.

This weird behavior has only shown up when imaging windows 7.

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Junior, first, there are actually 2 problems you're having here, and second, I think at least half of what you describe (the GUID issue) is completely different - probably belonging in a new thread (or call).

My guess is they resolved it.

Problem 1: Duplicate GUID's

Depending on how you're performing your imaging process (which we don't know yet) you may be running into a problem we had with another customer where, once in production, the system is not recognized and gets a new GUID.  We don't know for sure why the systems are not recognized post imaging when, about 99% of the time they are, but we know it happens.

To resolve this, we're working on putting the GUID into the deployed image while still in automation.  One of our customers was able to do this and completely removed the duplicate GUID issue.

Problem 2: Generic Naming (Win??? name)

This is a bit different from your system name.  The Win-??? name is a generic name generated by MiniSetup if you either 1) have an * in for the computer name in the unattend file or 2) have that section of your unattend file misconfigured and therefore ignored/skipped/whatever by MiniSetup.

Regardless of the name though, we SHOULD recognize the computer.  We SHOULD see that it's the same computer based on MAC / UUID hash (called uniqueID in our console).  If we don't, you would see the duplicate GUID.

The name does not affect the GUID (well, shouldn't, but might) and the GUID doesn't affect the name.

Thomas Baird
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I finally got my resolved by rechecking my unattend file then applying that.  This resolved the issue, We have created 2 different jobs, 1 to do an upgrade on the computer and this keeps the same computer name that it had and we have another that windows asks for a computer name after imaging.