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PC Not Joining to the domain. PC Join to TMPWORK Group

Created: 06 Jun 2013 | 1 comment


The current altiris version 6.9 sp5.

I am trying to image PC using altiris deployment solution. I created the ghost image and deployed that to couple of new PC's.  PC not joining to the domain. Instaed It joins to TMPWork workgroup.

Pc joins to the domain if i do it manually or creating a configure job.

I believe altiris fails in configuring computers task. When i looked at the status it looks like (sending configuration, file delivered, reconfigured, sending wake on lan, configuring computer completed). But the PC not joined to the domain. 

I am not sure what went wrong.  Has anyone encountered this issue. Thanks

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It sounds as if the task does not have appropriate rights to join the domain. Have you checked that you have an account specified in the options that has permissions to join computers to the domain?