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pca freezes when the host is on Comcast

Created: 14 May 2014

This host/remote pair used to work fine.  Now I can connect to the host (which is on Comcast) and do remote control or file transfers, but it freezes within a minute or two.  If I drop, I can usually reconnect and work for another minute or two.  I brought the host over to my house so the host and remote were on the same LAN and it works flawlessly all day long.  Both sides are 12.5.5 Build 1206.  This same host/remote pair used to work fine and while I do not practice strict change control in a home environment, I can say the problem started around the time Comast sent a new modem and said it had to be installed as service would not continue with the old modem in place.  This may be coincidence but it seems like the Comcast modem has something to do with the problem.  When it freezes, if the user at the host site moves the mouse, I can see it move from the remote side, but I don't receive any other video updates beside the mouse cursor.  Has anyone seen or heard of this or have any suggestions?  I am a long time PCA user and am about to leave it for a free solution if I can't fix this as it is now nearly useless.



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