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PCa Quick connect - Thin Host

Created: 16 May 2013 • Updated: 16 May 2013 | 3 comments

One of the servicdesk guys here informs me that PCanywhere now doesn't have the option to deploy a Thinhost when you open up the quickconnect icon. We recently upgraded CMS to latest version so is this something that has been removed.

Are we able to push out thin host to a machine that doesn't have PCanywhere (or an older version PCa version)  on it so we can control it ? (Our agent upgrades have only been about 80% successful )


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I see this can be done using winaw32.exe on the notification server - even though there isn't anything in the user guide for PCanywhere solution ....typical. How would I get this onto Techs PC's who need to connect using this method ?

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OK, I raised a support call for this. apparently thin host is now no longer available in the latest and greatest version of CMS. I did find If I copied all the files from \program files\Symantec\pcanywhere to same directory on site server (not overwriting anything) I was then able to use the symantec console to connect using thin install.

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I take it all back. for some reason it keeps removing this. Anyone know of a permamnet solution to be able to use thininstaller in CMS 7.1 - My techs are telling me pcanywhere is the worst remote control solution they have ever used due to problems connecting all the time. Thininstaller seems to redeem it somewhat in that it connects to anything. Otherwise we will drop this piece of crap and revert to the previous remote control tool which conencted 'All the time' with no problems and was easy to use.

p.s. Support say Thinisntaller its not included in CMS 7.1 even though all the files are there.