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pcAnywhere 11.01 issue

Created: 04 Feb 2011 • Updated: 04 Feb 2011 | 1 comment


I was wondering if someone could help me. One of our clients is having problems with their pcAnywhere 11.01.

When connected to the host, the speed between making the mouse move and the actual mouse moving on the screen is extremely slow. However other programs run fine and the mouse moves quickly its just on pcAnywhere that it does this. The problems starts as soon as the computer is connected to the host on pcAnywhere.

Here is some information on the clients pcAnywhere and computers.

 They are using pcAnywhere 11.01 build 764.

The host computer uses windows XP
The clients computer connecting to the host uses windows 7

Any information on how to solve this problem would be greatly helpfull.



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So when in a remote control session the mouse is slow?   What speed is your network connection between the host and the remote?  what level of encryption are you using?  On the windows 7 host are you using the 12.5 build 463?  This is the only version that is windows 7 compatible.

If you downgrade the encryption and the video quality does the performance in the session increase?  Does either system have a high cpu or network utilisation while in session?   Do any other Remotes have this issue or is this the only remote you have tested on?   Do any other Hosts hsve this issue or is this the ony host you have tested on?

Hope to be helpful but it sounds like your issue is a result of being in session and the lag between when your remote sends a command to the host and then the time it takes for the video from the host to be displayed on the remote.

You may want to try a later verion version 11.0 is a bit dated at this point.


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