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PCAnywhere 12.1 - Large File Transfer Problem

Created: 13 Jan 2011 | 1 comment

We have a major problem with PCAnywhere 12.1 - in that it will not transfer large files.

We have a Windows XP machine with a folder in the root directory (C) that has a total of about 10,000 individual files in it.  There are NO subfolders in that folder.

Every day or two, we manually replace SOME of the files in that folder with files of various sizes. Each replacement file has the SAME file name as the file that it replaced. 

The Size (and the Date) of the new file is definately different than the old file that it replaced. 

Generally speaking, the file sizes of the 10,000, or so, files that are in that folder are between 20 MB and 950 MB. 

Every day, that entire folder is transferred via our 1000 Base T Lan to another machine. We tell PCA to transfer the entire folder, which it should be doing. 

Do to the amount of data that is being transferred, we have "SpeedSend" enabled, along with "Overwrite Existing Files If Needed" enabled. 

At the end of each day, we set the File Transfer in motion, then go off an leave both machines unattanded during the PCA File Transfer process.  

Unfortunatelly, we have learned the hard way that PCA Version 12.1 DOES NOT always transfer files in the 500 - 1000 MB range from the first machine to the second machine.  

To the best of our knowledge, it always successfully transfers files than 500 MB.  Only files larger than 500 MB are affected. 

The only way that we know for sure that the "large files" have been transferred is to go into the second machine (the one that the files are being transferred to) and DELETE the large files - then tell PCA to transfer all of the files to the second machine. 

In the above machines, we run Windows XP, with all of the latest Service Packs and Updates installed. 

I have searched the forums for the above problem, but have not found any solution.  There appears to be a reference to this same problem in the later posts on this forum:

however, our machines never hangs - PCA just do not transfer the larger file from the first machine to the other.

Symantac, what is the solution to this ongoing problem?

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We have 12.5 running and I was testing another issue and we have several 2 gig files (some ghost files) with out issue.  I know that this isn't the same as your 12.1 but thought I would let you know what I had found in my environment.


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