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Is pcAnywhere 12.5 compatible with windows 7

Created: 22 Nov 2009 • Updated: 09 Jun 2010 | 2 comments


Thank you for reading.
I am about to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional from WinXP. Can someone please let me know if pcAnywhere 12.5 is compatible with Win7 Pro?
My CPU does not support XP virtualisation.

Thank you.

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I posted about this in the forum last week and haven't heard back.

I recently switched over to a new computer that came with Vista 64-bit with an upgrade option for Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.  When I recieved the system (with Vista 64), I attempted to install PCA 12.5 and the install would hang when it got to a step where it said "Adding Shortcuts" (with 1 second to go).  It would never complete and I would have to cancel the install.

When I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.  The PCA 12.5 installation hangs at the exact same point that it did under Vista 64.

I've tried countless times to do this installation and I'm considering trying a scratch install of the OS on this machine because PCA is so important to me.   I'm wondering if PCA is conflicting with some of the pre-installed Dell utilities.  Under Windows 7 64bit, it acts exactly like it did in Vista 64bit.

The funny thing is: When it gets to that "Adding Shortcuts" stage where it never completes, I've learned that if I do a hard powerdown at that point (pull the power plug with no battery).  When it restarts, I can actually use PCAnywhere.  This was the case with Vista and again in Win7.  However, the PCA install is then in a Suspended state and it will prevent me from installing other software before I deal with it.  So then I end up removing the suspended PCA installation.

Wish I had better info to offer.

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I have seen this in a 32bit xp and vista before.  Try performing a clean boot so that all services except microsoft services are stoped and then try the install again.  this one is XP but reads better and is about the same steps. Here is the vista one. 

Clean booting would help resolve the issue if it is a conflict with another application.


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