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pcAnywhere 12.5 Licensing - Host vs. Host/Remote

Created: 21 Jan 2011 | 1 comment
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Back in April I asked some questions and got good answers but in retrospect I realize I should also have asked the following:

Does the pcAnywhere Gateway act, from a license standpoint, as either a host or remote? 

I'm trying to confirm whether I need two Host+Remote licenses or just one of that and one host-only license.  Here's my scenario:

My PC will be a Remote, conencting into a customer server through the Internet.  Inside their network, all the PC's will have Host-only copies/licenses installed.  Now, if I Remote into the server, I'm connecting to the Host on that server so that's one Host+Remote license so far.  If I then open pcAnywhere on the server, pick a host from the list and connect, I'm now also acting as a Remote going from the server to some PC on the network so that's two Host+Remote licenses required.  This creates lag of course since there are really two connections in play but I'm just describing the concept. 

However if I install the pcAnywhere Gateway on the server, and use my PC to go directly via that to one of the internal hosts, then would I only need a single Host+Remote license and then just have host-only licenses for those internal PC's? 

I'm sure there's a shorter way to pose this question, sorry for the long-windedness! 

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My understanding is that gateway if a free to use as long as you have adequite host and remote licenses on each of the host.    And one remote on your remote.

It was intended for exactly what you are asking for.    If you put gateway on the server then it will see all the hosts waiting on the network.  If you need to connect to the server you will need to have host installed and have the host using a different port rather than on the 5631 port that will be in use already by the gateway. 

On you router you will need to forward the 2 sets of ports 5631-5632 for the gateway and then xxxx-xxxx to the host on the same server if it needs to be connected.   Make sure on your remote you set up a second one using the custom ports to connect to the host. 


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