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PCAnywhere 12.5 SP4 and RSA SecurID - PIN Change Issue

Created: 13 Mar 2013

under SP3 and lower RC4 was available (I know this is isnt Ideal), however if we choose AES128 or 256 the PIN window for RSA SecurID will not work and we just get login failed.  Switching to RC4 128, the PIN window displayed just fine.  Now with SP4 everything but AES128/256 has been removed, thus we are back to the issue where we cannot change PINs through PCA. 

Question is:  Has anyone experienced this and know of any solutions that might work with SP4?

PCA Version: 12.5 SP4

RSA SecurID Auth Mangager 7.1

RSA host client 6.1.3


Operating Systems: