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PcAnywhere 12.5 SP4 (build 1086) upgrade

Created: 17 Jul 2012 | 1 comment

Hi, I am new to this forum and to PcAnywhere. I am looking into an upgrade from PcAnywhere 12.5 SP3 to SP4 for quite a big user group. I am talking about +500 pc's and servers, and +1000 users. I have found the upgrade procedure without major problems, but i am stuck on the way this new version handles the remotes files. We have here a list of remotes that we activly use, but as far as i can tell, the list isnt going to be able to be included into the install package that i can create, and putting the files on a network location, where everyone can connect to, isnt going to work because of the encryption of the files? I have learned about the AwFileMgr, but the problem that i see is that it only handles Hosts files and Callers. Is there a way/tool to decrypt the remotes files aswell? To eventually put them into the install package i can create? 

Any help is much appreciated! 

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There is a gui tool now available also.   Unfortunatly for a use case like yours there isn't a quick fix with the new version.  It is a pain.  You will need to keep your master remote list unencrypted and then copy it to each of your remotes and they will then be encrypted to that machine once they are ran.

good luck.

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