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PCAnywhere 12.5.5 Build 1206 screen updates

Created: 04 Feb 2013

I'm having problems with PCAnywhere 12.5.5 Build 1206 on windows 7 using dialup modem connection.  After connecting to a host and preforming several actions the host seems to send every change that has occured on the screen in the order that it occured regardless of how long it take. within a minute or 2 of connecting it can take several minutes(5+) for the host and client to catch up.  very frustrating.. is there anyway to force the host to just send whats on screen, if i open a dialog box and then click the window close button why do i need to wait for the the host to send the entire dialog box to the client even thou the dialog box has been closed on the host?  this gets really slow when a application with a list of data is open and you click the scroll bar down button several times and wait while the client updates the image for every click!  I have attempted to turn off the mirror driver but that doesn't seem to help. the Cntrl + Alt + R helps but i shouldn't have to press that every time a try to change whats on the screen.

Any help would be appreciated

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