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PCanywhere 12.5.5, Recovering from a backup ?

Created: 03 May 2013

I had PCanywhere 12.5.5 installed into my MAIN computer which I use to support dozens of clients, and had a hard drive failure. I reinstalled PCanywhere 12.5.5 back on the computer, to restore entriest to my registry, and the new installation doesn't recognize any of  my old remote connections.

I restored the two folders (shown below), from Norton Ghost 15,  but that by itself is not sufficient.  Where is the encryption key stored, that I can recover it ?

I am trying to recover my dozens of connections without having to rebuild each one from scratch, is there any way to do this ?

My installation was divided into 2 parts to minimize issues with  my limited SSD space:

SSD:  Drive C:    \Program Data\Symantec\PCanywhere\

Failed Hard Drive D: \Program Files (x86)\Symantec\pcAnywhere\



Fox Lake, IL, USA

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