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PcAnywhere compatibility.

Created: 28 May 2012 • Updated: 28 May 2012 | 7 comments

I have just downloaded PCAnywhere v12.5 from symantec. However , Im having all sorts of problems connecting to the host from a v11.5 remote

Is there a compatibility issue? exact versions are 12.5.5 1086 for the host and 11.5.0 121 for the remote.

The issue im getting is unable to attach to specified device. 

This is on a local network , not routers etc & firewalls off.

The compatibility matrix indicated they were compatible.

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Gary Karasik's picture

Unlike earlier iterations, both sides of 12.5.5 must be the same version.


Jonme's picture

Thats a problem then, as we connect to customers sites from our 11.5, so wouldnt be able to upgrade as this would break other connections.

Where would I stand getting a refund for this as the compatibility matrix clearly states compatible, and I used that information to make the purchase.

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Sorry, don't know. I'm just a user like you. Rather than switching to 12.5.5, I've chosen to stay with 12.5.1 not only because of the difficulty inherent in switching all of our far-flung hosts at the same moment but also because one computer's .CHF files can no longer be used on another computer without a complex, cumbersome, and nearly incomprehensible export/import/export process. Under previous versions I could keep one standard directory of remote connectors and distribute that directory to other computers; can't do that anymore.

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I usualy install pcanywhere 12.5 HOST on W7 PCs, solutions that work very well with remote 11.5. 

But now the last version is 12.5.5, and last week I tried to install this new version, but can't make it work (whith a remote 11.5 version there is no message to ask login and password).

What can I do? Is it possible to download and install a 12.5 version?


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As described in the above thread, pcAnywhere 12.5 SP4, also known as 12.5.5, is not backwards compatible with ANY previous versions of pcAnywhere.  Information about this and why can be found at

Symantec is offering a free upgrade to pcAnywhere 12.5 SP4.  If you have a serial number from a previous corporate purchase of pcAnywhere, then the download is already available to you at  

If you do not have a serial number or you purchased pcAnywhere from a retailer, you can email for instructions on how to obtain the free upgrade.

I hope this answers your questions.

Jay Hicks
Sr. Technical Support Engineer

Symantec Corporation

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I am trying to connect two wireless machines attached wireless to a Actiontec GT784WNV modem for Verizon DSL.  The machines are running Windows XP SP3.  pcAnywhere is 12.5 SP4.  Every now and then, machine 1 (Master) will connect to machine 2 (CVCF).  But CVCF and never connect to Master.  I think the problem is in the modem because when Verizon tech support played with it, it stopped working.

Verizon wanted to play with port forwarding, but should that be necessary if both machines are connected wireless to the same modem?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Um so if you are connecting from outside the network then you have portforwarding settup to point to a specific system inside the network.    You will have to choose a seperate set of ports to use for the second system inside the network if your desire is to have 2 sets of machines inside the network being forwarded from outside.   

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