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PcAnywhere displays a popup when our Symantec Network Scanner scans it

Created: 07 Aug 2012 | 1 comment

We are getting popup messages on our computers when the symantec scanner hits them.  I have unchecked the box for the agent to display a message when it gets a connection via IP.  This has fixed most of the messages.  We do have some PCs that are still displaying the message for some reason.  So I have a 2 part question:

How can I tell if the PCs that are still getting the message are getting the correct settings from Altiris.

How can we get the Symantec scanner to stop scanning the Port used by PcAnywhwere?  Should we change the port PCAnywhere uses?

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pcAnywhere is waiting on port 5631 and 5632 I am not sure how to exclude this but that is the one you would be excludeing.  

As far as how can you tell if pcAnywhere (solution I assume) is getting the latest settings you can spot check the client policy.xml file to see if the proper settings are being applied.     The RAAD tool can be used to reach out to a client and view the policy or you can open the policy.xml with notepad to view a client.   Each option that is in the pcAnywhere settings GUI on the console has a setting here in the .xml file.  

If the XML isn't updated then there is likely an issue with the Altiris Agent not talking to the server correctly.   If the policy is updated and the pca host is still poping up then there is an issue with the pcAnywere agent not communicating to the pcA host.

Don't change the ports pcA uses or you will have to manually change the port on the remote every time you try to make a connection as it will always default back to the 5631 port.


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