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pcAnywhere External Modem

Created: 18 Jul 2012 • Updated: 07 Aug 2012 | 3 comments
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I've got an external analog modem (com1). How can I setup a pcAnywhere remote to dial a host? The dialing properties are greyed out when com1 is selected. I see no way to open a terminal to dial the number manually.

Any ideas how to use the external analog modem with pcAnywhere remote connection?

Thanks, Dan

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On the settings page for the remote you can enter the dialing info if the page is grayed out then the OS doesn't know that the device on com 1 is a modem.   Can you test dial from the terminal built into windows.  If not then you need to finish the modem install and come back to pcA.   

In my experiance if COM 1 is available this would be for direct serial connection using a serial cable.   When using a modem in pcA you need to choose the modem.   unless it is windows 95 or 3.1 we are talking about he modem should be listed as a modem in the control panel.   once this is here you can use it in pcA.


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Thanks. I needed to add the modem as a device in windows (although external modem) in order for PCA to "see" it and allow the phone number to be entered. Once it's listed as a modem in the Control Panel, the modem can be selected in PCA.

Thanks again!