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PCAnywhere failing to install - exit code 1003

Created: 04 Jul 2012 • Updated: 07 Aug 2012 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi, we have SMP 7.1 SP2, and pcAnywhere 12.6.7

Recently some PCs (only 4 that I know of) that have been reimaged are not getting pcAnywhere installed.
I'm pretty sure the SMA with pcAnywhere plugin installed is part of the image, so I'm thinking maybe the upgrade is uninstalling an old version and not installing 12.6.7
We have active policies for pcAnywhere for Install, Uninstall (no target), and Upgrade

I've uninstalled and installed SMA, no pcAnywhere
I've tried to install pcAnywhere manually, no pcAnywhere (no errors I think)
I got it installed on 1 PC by uninstalling SMA, deleted PC from SMP, installing SMA, all plug-ins installed ok

I checked RAAD, and the run history for pcAnywhere Plug-in for Windows says failed every time, exit code 1003
Logs in RAAD don't give any further info

1003 = Cannot complete this function

Any ideas?


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The SMP agent should be not part of the image. Is it best practice to deploy the SMP agent again to a by an image restored machine. Different ways could be used to do so. This way you make sure that the agent and his agent plug-in could works correctly.
So make sure all is removed and then use policies or "Discover new computers" to re-enroll the SMP agent and it agent plug-ins.

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Thanks MacBrinky

It's a bit late to remove the agent from out image. There must be something I can do to get it to install.

Interestingly on a PC that is reporting it is failng to install Windows Updates (agent shows updates get installed in the upate cycle, but after a reboot they are all scheduled again), after I reinstalled SMA pcAnywhere is not showing as a plugin, but it is installed and working correctly, but the pcAnywhere plugin install policy shows and says run failed, if I manually run the task it fails in less than a second. Maybe the dll just needs to be registered?

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So the pcA Plug-in is the only one showing up with that behavior or other Plug-ins behaving the same?
Is pcA the only Plug-in installed?
Register the DLL again could help, that is true.

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Hi GarethNZ,

we had the same issue on a Server where we wanted to test the solution. on client computers the plug-in installed fine but for some reason after the wrong version was uninstalled the new version did not want to install.

I found TECH188380:, that described the same error and the issue of some registry keys that was not removed, if you delete the keys the install should work again.



Rerun installer.

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Thanks RufusUCS

I deleted the key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\pcAnywhere\CurrentVersion
then ran the pcAnywhere install using RAAD and it was successful

Thanks heaps.

There are about 10 other agents that were installed ok, problem was just with pcAnywhere.