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pcAnywhere Login Issue

Created: 18 Nov 2013 • Updated: 20 Nov 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All,

I have Altiris CMS 7.5 I have pcAnywhere 12.5 SP4. Clints have Windows 7 and windows 8. I have enabled the pcAnywhere Plugin, I can see the pcAnywhere agent in the Smantec Management Agent's Agents/Plugins List. But I cannot see the pcAnywhere icon in the system tray, i have not disabled it from Symantec Management Console settings.

When I try to connect to the clients After providing the credentials at the login prompt it stay there for few settings and then disappers. I have verified that pcAnywhere service is running, I can telnet clients on port 5631.

Any suggestion to resolve this issue?

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1. We have to enable both "PCanywhere for windows - install" as well as "PCAnywhere for windows upgrade" policy.

2. Check whether the "Symantec PCAnywhere host service is running" in services(In run box - services.msc) window.

3. Checked whether you have added your credentials in PCAnywhere settings page -- Settings -> All settings -> Agents/plugin -> remote management -> remote control -> windows -> PCAnywhere settings policy -> authendication -> AD credentials.

4. Below that policy you can see the computer list which gets this policy - check whether you are able to see the computer listed.

5. Checked with the symantec management agent configuration in the client computer -> whether it is reporting properly to the SMP.

6. Make sure symantec management agent is configured and got the PCAnywhere configuration.

I think this will help you to resolve your issue.

Thanks ,



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Thank you for your response.

1. "PCAnywhere for windows upgrade" policy is also enabled.

2. "Symantec PCAnywhere host service is running.

3. AD credentials are added in the pcAnywhere policy settings..

4. Which system gets this policy - Client compuuters are listed there.

5. Symantec management agent configuration is there in the client computers and it is reporting properly to the SMP.

6. Symantec management agent is configured and got the PCAnywhere configuration.

Still no luck. pcAnywhere Tray icon is also missing.

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Thanks for the update.

1. Remote and host computers - same network or different network.

2. What is the version of PCAnywhere plug-in - In Symantec management agent -> settings -> when you expand the screen -> at the bottm you will see all the plug-in with there version.




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The issue has been resolved now.

I was using RDP session to monitor pcAnywhere session, both at the same time. This is not supported. Taking only pcanywhere solution to take a remote session resolved the issue.

Thank you for your Response.