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PCAnywhere for MS-DOS

Created: 08 Oct 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments



I need control remote of a MS DOS 6.22 computer via LAN from a normal computer using e.g. Windows XP. PC Anywhere 5.0 for DOS is already installed on the first computer and after running the hardware diagnostic utility it seems to be working properly there.  It says (Network with IPX, no gateway):

 "Check Network Driver -> passed",
and Test network communication say:
"Channel Status 65.5".

This seems to be right, after been trying a lot of drivers and stuff downloaded from the internet. (Yes, I had to use diskettes again, for the first time after about three years)

I do not have the right documentation and could not download it form the symantec website.


On the other side there is a normal WinXP-Computer wiht the PCAnywhere 12.1 Testversion.There, I could not find any configuration item for IXP, but one for SXP and just selected it.


Then I start des DOS-PCanywhere as a host and it says, it waits for a call. Nevertheless, the calling PC-anywhere does not find the host. It asks for an IP-address, but this doesn't exist for IPX, or am I wrong?


This kind of remote connection is the one afforded by the customer.


Thanks for help an for any hint, where I can get more information, also payed.

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For enhanced security and performance, and to reduce the size of the installed footprint, pcAnywhere 12.1 and above is not backwards compatible with versions earlier than pcAnywhere 10.5.1.

I'll still check is there is any way out. 

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Hmmm, so its not backwards compatible!?!?!?!


Thats not what I've just been told - by a symantec employee on the live chat...


Mr. Mark Shaw(Thu Oct 30 12:08:37 UTC 2008)>does 12.1 talk with 5.04 ?
Shailendra(Thu Oct 30 05:09:59 UTC 2008)>Yes, it can connect, but we cannot provide technical assistance for this connection because one of the computer using PCanywhere 5.04 which is unsupported product.


What is the maximum version that supports 5.04?


Any chance of releasing details of the protocol used in the old versions? I guess this is possible, if they arent compatible with the latest releases?


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Hi Mark,


What the support person on live chat means that even if you are able to connect, any queries regarding the problems about the connections will not be resolved by symantec as 5.04 is unsupported product and and it's connection with 12.1 is not endorsed by symantec.


About your query of releasing details of the protocol used in the old versions, I am sorry but this is not possible. However, if you go through the first post on this thread by SebOeh, it is mentioned that 'Network with IPX'. Since it does not have a compatible connection protocol, the connection is not possible.