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PcAnywhere plugin replacing the pca anywhere "out of the box" console

Created: 25 Oct 2012 • Updated: 14 Jan 2013 | 1 comment
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Our current environment is running so that our administrators only are using local console installation.

PcAnywhere Console (Out of the box product)12.5.BUILD 8096

PcAnywhere agent/plugin 12.6.8096

The problem we are having is that the pca plugin installation/upgrade (policy) is replacing the out of box product installation. We could remove the admin computers from agent installation policy filter which would prevent this from happening but the thing is that we have around 100 admins constantly changing computers so maintaining the list is near impossible.

Anyone have any ideas ?

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Have them use the Quick connect app that is included and installed with the pcAnywhere agent? 

Or as you noted exclude their computer's OU from the install policy are the only 2 options I can see.  If their computers are all in the same OU or in 2 or 3 OUs it shouldn't be hard to exclude them.   If there isn't any organization by role or by location that they fit in then it will indeed be more overhead to be constantly updating them in the install policy.


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