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pcAnywhere Solution agent and full pcAnywhere software

Created: 26 Jul 2011 • Updated: 17 Sep 2013 | 4 comments
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According to Symantec the pcAnywhere Solution agent install will uninstall any older versions of the full pcAnywhere software.  This is a huge issue for us as we would like to have the ability to remote control any client workstation using the pcAnywhere agent with our defined policy settings.  If I have to exclude any workstation that has the full pcAnywhere software installed, this prevents us from doing so.

Has anyone else run into this issue and found a decent workaround?  We have pcAnywhere Solution 12.6 (included in SMP 7.1 SP1).  I cannot believe that this is acceptable to Symantec as this is making me rethink migrating from DS 6.9 because of our dependancy on it's carboncopy remote control feature.

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If your policy is to push the pcanywhere solution host to all machines it can't coexist with the full version of the software as you have noted.    

If you exclude the list of machines that have pcAnywhere full version from the deployment of solution then they wouldn't be uninstalled.  

If you still need to connect to the host that is installed on these machines how did you mass deploy your host changes before Notification server and pcAnywhere solution?   You can still use this same meathod that you used to use to manage the full hosts.

If your list of callers is one AD group then it is very easy to manage.   You won't need to ever touch the host you just update that AD group.    There is no reason to have a host with more than 2 callers.  If in the past the managment of the host was not being done and every one was on their own to set them up you could then create a single bhf file in the full host and the callers that you require in the full host and then push these BHF and CIF files out to all the full product systems.    The host that is launched is controlled by a registry key and so you could deploy this along with the BHF and CIF files and then if your solution hosts were configured with the same users they would all be the same.

Hope that helps.

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I am trying to have pcAnywhere for the past 3 months and of no use. I am in Saudi Arabia and dealers of symantec does not know pcAnywhere.

I need this software and please can anybody guide me how to avail this software in Saudi Arabia?

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Are you asking how to locate a symanted reseller in Saudi Arabia?   Go to the followling location and pick your region.   Then go to the store link.


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