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PcAnywhere Support For Windows 7

Created: 19 Sep 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments
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I am currently running PcAnywhere 12.1 on my Vista Ultimate SP2 system, with no problems.  Does anyone know if this version is going to work okay on Windows 7?  I did see someone confirm in another thread that 12.5 seemed to work okay on the Window 7 RC version, but I'd like to know if 12.1 will work without upgrading.  Apparently 12.5 isn't a free update for me, and I don't wish to have to spend another $100 just to get a .4 version upgrade.

I'm kind of surprised at the lack of Windows 7 information on Symantec's website, considering that the full release is due out in a month and I'm sure many other people besides me are trying to find out if all of their current software is going to work okay in Windows 7.  Several other software sites that I've visited recently have a "Windows 7 Information" link posted obviously on their main pages, to easily find more information about compatibility.

Thanks in advance for any information confirming whether or not PcAnywhere 12.1 should work okay with Windows 7 (I pre-ordered "Professional" if that matters).


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Per the Symantec support site. Check the Product Support Dates page.

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Hi, Wil;

Thanks for the info, I didn't see any mention of Windows 7 on the site when I posted the original message back in September.  There is still no mention whether 12.1 will work or not, they list 12.5 as the minimum version supported for Windows 7 (because of course they want you to buy the current version).  But for anyone else who has the same question that I did, I can confirm that 12.1 has been working perfectly (at least so far) under Windows 7.

I appreciate the reply.


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I am using, or trying to use, PCA 12.5 with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.  I found there are some problems with 2008 when you logon.  I do not see what I am typing but it does work - if you don't make a typo.  You can actually logon without knowing it.  The login screen never goes away.  if you break the connection and come back in you can see where you are.  After the login I did not have much problems.

On Windows 7, 64 bit accessing from 32bit,  there are some of the same and more serious problems.  The response time is slow.  When you type you don't always see what you typed - not just on login.  You can move windows on the host but do not see it on the client.  I have looked on this site but have found no information.  PCanywhere as proven to be a good product over the years but seems to need some serious work before it will be a valuable tool.  I hope this will be fixed soon.


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The mirror driver is the primary driver and updates better than the back up drivers.  When I have seen screens not refresh correctly like the login and or a pop up that doesn't show on the remote side it can be because the back up drivers not the mirror driver that is being used.   

in 12.1 there was a defect with 64bit os that was related to not being able to see what is happening in the log in screen.   Are you sure you are in 12.5?  also there is an update to 12.5 that will bring it to 12.5 buid 442.    Might be worth trying to run the live update if you are on 12.5 build 2xx.

Hope that is helpful. 


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Just curious - did your installation of PCA 12.5 on Win7 work okay.   An associate pinged me indicated PCA install on Win7 64-bit would not complete.  

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I recently switched over to a new computer that came with Vista 64-bit with an upgrade option for Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.  When I recieved the system, I attempted to install PCA 12.5 and the install would hang when it got to a step where it said "Adding Shortcuts" (with 1 second to go).  It would never complete and I would have to cancel the install.

Yesterday I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.  The PCA 12.5 installation hangs at the exact same point that it did under Vista 64.

I've tried countless times to do this installation and I'm considering trying a scratch install of the OS on this machine because PCA is so important to me.  Is your associate's computer, by any chance, a Dell Lattitude (or other Dell notebook)?  I'm wondering if PCA is conflicting with some of the pre-installed Dell utilities.