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pcAnywhere Verbiage question

Created: 07 Nov 2012 • Updated: 08 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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We have a custom made pcA 12.5.5 SP4 package I made.  Our business is looking for a way to customize the verbiage on some of the parts of the login system of it.

When you first connect and the end user is presented with the prompt that says:

"The remote user listed below is attempting to connect to your computer.  Will you alow them to log into this host?"

We'd like to change this to have some different verbiage specific to our company.

We'd also like something that an be launched when a connection is made.  For example, we currently open the chat window and paste some verbiage in there about how technical support is currently logged in and if you need assiastance to type into this box or call X number.

It would be great though if there was a way to automate this process, or maybe a different method for getting our information to open for the end user so all the communication we want is alwasy there (that the human factor out of the equation)


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The registry key on the host that you can set is located at (modify to not include the wow6432node if you are on a 32bit system)



is the key name and I think it is limited on how many characters but I don't recall how many.


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That works perfect! That is exactly what I needed, Thanks!!!

Before I complete out you with a solution, do you have any idea about the second part of my question?  Or if you think it's not really possible, maybe some suggestions of what we can do in place of it.

I'll give you our senario why we may need something like it.  We often remote into our PC's to fix issues.  Our level 2 and 3 teams now have to call and inform said team member(s) that they'll be remoting into this PC and it will be out of service until done (we use RDP right now).  With pcA we see an opperturninty to elimate the need to call.

With the first step of the prompt they'll be informed someone is remoting in, and with our extra verbiage they'll know exactly why.  But if they're not at their PC and the time expires, we assume it's OK to use (auto-login being enabled after the time expires).  But if they come back shortly after we log in and do not know that we're currently controlling it, we'd like a second safe guard in place that will notify them what is happening (example opening the chat window with more verbiage they can read when coming back to the computer).

Thanks for all the help!

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on the second part I coudn't come up with a way I thought that there was a way to run a script on connection but maybe that was only available in older versions or some thing because I couldn't find it in the 12.5.5 sp4 that I have now and I didn't see any reg keys that jump out at me.  

good luck.

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