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PCanywhere for xoom tablet pc

Created: 30 Mar 2011 • Updated: 31 Mar 2011 | 3 comments

Hello all.

We have been using Symantec's PCanywhere for a number of years now and it has worked great for our company.  The owner just recently got a motorola xoom tablet.  We were wondering if there is a PCanywhere software from Symantec that is compatible with this xoom tablet pc.  We have just tried using a program specifically made for android, called Xtralogic.  It works as intended but causes an issue with PCanywhere.  Basically, Extra logic needs a windows user account to log on, and if you log in using Xtralogic via the Xoom, once you disconnect it takes you back to the Windows Login screen and the user has to re-type their password.  This is a problem if nobody is in the office.  So if anyone has any ideas on the best remote pc software that works well with pcanywhere, let me know.



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You are in the wrong forum, I will move this over to the pcAnywhere forum for you.

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What remote software works with a remote software?   Why not just use the remote software that you are using rather than have multiple remote softwares?   Maybe I am just not tracking correctly.   I would say use pcAnywhere with pcAnywhere it works great with it's self.


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You are looking for a application that will work with the tablet PC that supports android.  

It sounds like the Xtralogic app is just hooking the RDP(Remote Desktop Protocal) structure that MS has built into the OS.   pcAnywhere and RDP or TS(Terminal Server) won't work together.   TS and RDP open a seperate session and pcAnywhere host tries to connect to both at a root level.  The video, keyboard, and mouse can only be hooked at a root level once and so when the second session is started for TS or RDP pcA fails or freaks out as it tries to make a connection to the same hardware a second time.   

In an RDP or TS environment you can stop the waiting host and then after RDP and TS has been disconnected you can start pcA back up.

as a side note you can use a windows phone running pcAnywhere mobile to connect to the tablet, but not as cool as the android. 


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