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Created: 04 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

  1. Where do you have to put custom PCT Templates so they synch to all your site servers?
  2. Can I still use PCTWIZ.EXE from the commandline instead of the canned job?
  3. If so would it still be a client side task? I noticed only PCT programs exist on the site and NS servers.

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there was another thread that I think answers a couple of your questions.

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1. Personality files are stored like backup images, so they will only replicate to the site server that captured the personality.  If you don't like this behavior, replicate it to a UNC path that the client has access to and which is linked to a package (using UNC source) that replicates to all site servers.  The reason for this design is that a computer captured in the Chicago site is probably going to be replaced and deployed in the Chicago site -- not Tokyo.  If you change this so that personalities replicate everywhere, you may need to be more proactivate about managing disk space.  Anyone can accidentally capture a very large personality or personalities which could exhaust disk space on site servers, causing site server unavailability.

2. Yes, check out the PC Transplant documentation for details:

3. If you use a Run Script task, and copy files locally, and execute from the client, then it is client side.  But since the files for PCT are available on the server, I always run them from the server -- I've never run into a reason to copy them locally.

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1. That includes the PCT Template? That doesn't make sense because images are synched to all site servers that have Deployment and Package services installed.

2. This link has no documentation for 7.1

3. So just a client side task that point to the UNC of the PCT share on the site server?

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1. Personality resources/packages (created for each computer when a Capture personality task is run) do not replicate to all site servers.

2. The command lines are the same.  7.1  is just running command lines against ye olde PC Transplant.

3. Yes, a command line can be run that uses PC Transplant files from the site server to create a personality resource that's stored in a central UNC path.  For example, all computers, regardless of site, could save the personality to \\CentralServer\Shared\Personalities.  Then the NS could have a resource with a UNC source of \\CentralServer\Shared\Personalties that replicates to all site servers.  Then you can restore against a personality and know for sure that it is at all sites.

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner