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PDF files getting blocked by Block EXE rule

Created: 20 Dec 2012 | 2 comments

Hi All,

We have one user sending mails from his Yahoo ID to internal domain. The issue is that there are some PDF files that are attached to these mails and they are getting stripped off. 

In the Audit Logs it gives the message that it has been blocked by exe block policy. It says:

Message Part: header — content-type

Matching Text: application/x-download

I received this attachement from the user on a different ID and checked the same but there is nothing suspecious in it. Also I send a mail from my Gmail ID to the internal domain with the same PDF file and other PDF attachments. They are all getting delivered with out any issue.

I suspect that it could be that there are some extra attachments to the sender's mail causing this issue. May be a signature or some images or html files or so.

I am unable to find any more details about this issue. Could anyone help me get more information on this. 



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TSE-JDavis's picture

This is due to the MIME type of application/x-download. Some mail clients and web based mail interfaces transmit PDFs with that MIME type.

You can either address this at the client level or remove application/x-download from the executable list.

fahmed's picture

Hi Davis,

Thank you.

I have asked the user to send the mail from a differnet ID and check. I have not got any response yet. Will check and update later.