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PDF or reference for implementing SAN using VSF HA 5.0 / 5.1

Created: 24 May 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 8 comments
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Hi All,
              I am planning to implement SAN enviroment for my application using VSF HA 5.0 / 5.1 .

Can anyone point me to User guides, install guides for VSF HA 5.0 / 5.1 in SAN environment.

Ur help is much appreciated.


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HI ,
       Any kind of link or PDF is much appreciated.


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it is as normal as you do in normal environment; only differenence is you map LUN's to one server and on top of it you can put SF and use it.

let me know what were you planning to implement or do. i can surely help. 

regards, Srikanth.

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Hi Srikanth,
                      This is the first time i am using with Storage environment.. i just want to get clear with few of things.

what is meant by LUN ?

if in case i have mapped that with the servers which i am going to use, then where to install VSF ? in the SAN storage or in the servers ?

in the normal environment , i will be using normal MountV resources which points to my hard disk , but here how do i point to SAN volumes ?


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LUN - logical unit number. Basically, it's a slice of array stroage presented to a server as a harddisk.

BTW, Is this regarding a Windows environment? Or Linux?
VSF is installed in the servers in either OS environments.

Your terms are a bit confusing.

SAN presents LUN's to server. You use SF to create a dynamic disk group. A dynamic disk group can contain one or more harddisks(LUNs).
Once you have a dynamic diskgroup, you create volumes inside. Disk group then can be deported and imported on another node during failover in cluster.

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Hi Kim.
             I would like to collect information related to both the platforms. From ur reply my understanding is below

So LUN`s are like hard disk in SAN environment. So i want to install VSF in SAN environment and want to create diskgroup and volumes in SAN. Once after that i want to link with 2 servers among which one will be poinitnig to the SAN environment.

but i want to know, when a fail over happens, how the disk group of primary server gets deported and disk group in sec server gets imported ?  should that disk group names to be different ?

In this case , i think only one disk goup created as common between both the servres... is that not the case ?

can u please explaing these areas to  me.. just let me know if i am not making clear for u ...

With Regards,

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You present LUN 0 & LUN 1 to ServerA & ServerB via SAN.
From ServerA, you create a diskgroup using LUN0 & 1 and call it TESTDG.
Now that TESTDG is imported on ServerA. You can create volumes inside.
You can deport this TESTDG on ServerA and import it on ServerB. (failover will do same)

In a Windows environment, only 1 server can have the TESTDG imported and access it at any 1 time.

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Thanks Kim, 
                  For the detailed explaination. Let me try it out as you said and get abck to you if I have any queries.


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Glad to help. Some basic technical theory of SFW dynamic disks can be read from our SFW Admin guide. (In the Docs folder of installation files)

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