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Performance problems Betwen servers

Created: 16 Apr 2010 • Updated: 21 Oct 2010 | 5 comments

We have got 6 servers to backup using Backup exec11d
All of them are in the same network and we backup in local network
On 4 of them we have an average rate of copy about 400 MB/min
On 2 Of them the average is almost 200Mb/min. Those servers runs Terminal server, but there is no user using TS when backup is running.
Anybody nows if TS affects on Performance of copy and any way to fix or make a better performance.

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CraigV's picture

Not at all...
What you can look into though is the following:

1. Check and see if your NICs are hard-coded to the fastest speed that the switch can do.
2. Check and see that the switch port for each server is also hard-coded to the maximum speed of the switch.

How many files are being backed up on the 2 servers in question? Large or small? Are you running patched versions of Remote Agent for Windows Servers on those servers?

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Juan Jose Contreras's picture

It seems to be right
All my NIC's are 1 Gbps and all piped works at 4Gbps and switch is also working at 1000mbps.
Any idea.
Im asking myself if it could be a problem with Mcaffe Antivirus
Thanks a lot

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OK...for starters, exclude the Backup Exec folders as per this McAfee tech article:

I have seem this as a recommend action before, and I need to try it to truth be told.

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The slow performance of the terminal servers could be due to slow hardware.  Otherwise, it could be cause by users creating a lot of small files.  It takes longer to read a bunch of small files that a couple of big ones, although the total number of bytes are the same.

Juan Jose Contreras's picture

I made all changes you recommended me and nothing changed.
Also I think that One of those computers is under a DMZ.
It could be affect to the performance?
Firewall could affect to the performance instead the backup is under our private Network, not under internet?
Thanx to all