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Permanently Decrypt Inbox Emails

Created: 23 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

I have several users who share a PGP Desktop protected email account. Often, they'll need to find an email based on account information found in the body of the email. Since everything in the inbox (Outlook 2010, 64-bit) is still encrypted until it is directly viewed, searching is not possible. Is there a way to ensure that all emails are permanenetly decrypted upon receipt? I know that you can save a copy of the email to the inbox using PGP Viewer, but this is far too impractical a solution as potentially hundreds of emails can be received in a single day. This is also a stand-alone client, so I am unable to use the PGP Universal Server settings that I've seen elsewhere.

Alternatively, if there is somehow a means of searching the bodies of all encrypted emails, that will work just as well.


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Does the email sender have to encrypt the emails for some sort of compliance?  If so, having them unencrypted when they are at rest would render that compliance null, leaving you open for legal action - this is just a massive assumption, so please correct me if i am wrong :)

Having the emails sitting unencrypted in your inbox sort of defeats the purpose of having PGP Desktop on the client machine, why not just have these emails sent in the clear, then you wouldn't need to have PGP interfere with them at all?  That way the security policy of emails that HAVE to be encrypted doesn't get affected, and you get your search functionality restored on the emails that don't have to be encrypted.

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I don't know the business policy myself, but I assume that there is a good reason for the encryption so I won't want be able to have the emails sent unencrypted. This inbox only handles emails from one general source, so they must all encrypted. Is there any way to search the bodies of the emails using the PGP Desktop, then?

What's really confusing is that my users are saying they used to be able to search for the content in the body of the email before, and that it's only in the last couple of weeks that this stopped being the case. I can't see any reason for that - I know the emails have been encrypted just as they are now the entire time.