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Permissions with EVPM - Enterprise Vault 9

Created: 28 Aug 2012 • Updated: 09 Oct 2012 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I need to assign permissions to severals Groups (AD) to severals Vaults. And I need to do it with one single script.

Enterprise\Group1 --> Read permissions to Vault1

Enterprise\Group2 --> Read permissions to Vault2

Any ideas? I think it only allow you to run the script for a single user or all user. This is not the case.


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ArchiveName = user1
GrantAccess = read, MYDOMAIN\userGroup1

ArchiveName = user2
GrantAccess = read, MYDOMAIN\UserGroup2
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and just as a matter of interest, even if you did have to split it out in to multiple EVPM scripts, why is that an issue?

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Not working, only give permissions to the first Vault. The rest remain the same.

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then split it out in to different EVPM's and have a batch file run them
also remember they only need to be run once and not daily, only to be reapplied if someone has manually removed them from the VAC or zapped the archive permissions

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So, one .ini for each permission... Ok, an example of the batch?

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errr well i guess it'd be something like "myFile,bat" with the followingc

c:\Program files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\evpm.exe -e myExchServer -m -f myEVPMFile1.ini
c:\Program files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\evpm.exe -e myExchServer -m -f myEVPMFile2.ini

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So, the original script *does* work...

My script is this:

directorycomputername = evsql.ev.local
sitename = ev01
ArchiveName = adele.reinhardt
GrantAccess = read, ev\vaultadmin
ArchiveName = andrea.mathis
GrantAccess = read, ev\ann.sneed
And I see it processing as follows:
C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault>evpm -e
Please enter an Exchange Server name: dc
Please enter the service mailbox alias: ev-sysmbx
Please enter the ini file name and location: c:\program files\enterprise vault\pstin_1.ini
c:\program files\enterprise vault\teste.ini
Creating privileged MAPI session ...
Parsing input file: c:\program files\enterprise vault\teste.ini
Processing input file
Processing permissions for the archive: adele.reinhardt
Processing permissions for the archive: andrea.mathis
The *trick* is that if you are then checking permissions in the VAC, either :
a/ right click 'Exchange Mailbox' (under Archives) and choose Refresh
b/ close and re-open the VAC.
Then when you check permissions on the archive, they show correctly for each of the archives that I touched.
Hope that helps,