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Personalized Link in WebMessenger Mail

Created: 26 Jan 2011
Tom Mc's picture



one question to the PGP Universal Server WebMessenger mail...
the FQDN of our PGP Server change from to
If a mail is encrypted the personal link still looks like
I modified all names I could find to the new one ....
can you tell me where I can change that setting ?


In order to change such settings for the Web Messenger mail, you would need to edit the Public URL under Web Messenger settings on the PGP Universal Server:  PGP US -> Services -> Web Messenger -> edit the interface options with the new DN, this should change your link for Web messenger thus allowing al user to be updated. For this to happen users must update their policies for the changes to take place.

I edited the DN in the WebMessenger Service.

One further question .. how do users update their policy?


Users can download/edit their policies from the PGP US (Universal Server) by going to the PGP Tray, in the right-hand corner on their desktop and once in the tray click on "Update Policy" option, by doing this you'll download all configs. changes made on the PGP US,  if the option is not available then you'll need to enroll client to the PGP US.