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pgp 10.0.2 gives licensing assistant failure

Created: 23 Jun 2011 • Updated: 23 Jun 2011 | 3 comments

This when I logon to laptop with a new user name, try to set up pgp for new user, key in license number info,

hit next, then it spins wheels and finally gives the error screen as attached - see attachment

can get on internet, so ethernet cord is ok, & on domain

Happens on 2 diff laptops


 NOT FIXED, still fails............

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There were recently some DNS problems with reaching some PGP related servers such as the one with the Global Directory.  As far as I know, this is now corrected.  Hopefully, this was your problem, and another try will work for you.

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Was not the problem Tom Mc referred to, it still fails for us.

I opened a ticket on the phone, they are running on premise that our internet is down, but that is not so.

Our internet works, I can get to websites on the laptop in question.

Tech gave us a License Authorization to copy & paste in, using the button

"enter a License Authorization provided by PGP Customer Service

This fails also when I paste it in "there was a problem verifying the license authorization"

I double checked it - re-did it - still fails.

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DONE, can close ticket, I can authenticate wirelessly, even though our Internet is ok, Ironport "learned" how to block it somehow, so I will work with out in-house people to get it opened up so we can authenticate licensing going through the normal in-house Internet.