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PGP 10.2 incompatbile with HP TouchSmart2

Created: 15 Oct 2011 • Updated: 15 Oct 2011 | 2 comments


I have installed PGP 10.2 x64 on Win7 Ultimate x64 on a HP TouchSmart tm2 (1110eg).

My approach was to encrypt the system partition with the WDE functionalities of PGP.

My Laptop has installed one hard disk.

PGP displayed me three partitions for encryption:

- System partition (where my OS is installed) (about 350GB)

- HP Tools partition (about 200MB)

- Recovery partition (about 20GB)

I encrypted the System partition only and configured a passphrase user.

On restart the WDE boot loader authentication screen appears. After entering the phassphrase, only the message "authentication is verified ..." is displayed underneath the entered passphrase but nothing happens furthermore. I tried it several times and waited 30 minutes.

I found another thread ( stating that the HP Tools partition should not be encrypted, but I only encrypted the System partition.

I removed the hard disk from my laptop and docked it on my other computer with a SATA-to-USB bridge.

The PGP Desktop has displayed four partitions to operate on:

The additonal one was about 200MB and was displayed before the System partition (name was Boot/System Management partition?).

The decryption of my System partition succeeds. On my computer I was able to access all three partitions without any trouble.

After re-installing the hard disk into my laptop and booting, the Boot Guard is still displayed with same effects as mentioned earlier (entering a passphrase results only in the message "authentication is verified" without booting up the OS).

So I have two questions:

- Is it not possible to use the PGP WDE on a HP TouchSmart 2? (I mean I have seen this model in the release notes of PGP WDE)

- How can I remove the boot loader / BootGuard, so I would be able to boot the OS of my laptop again.

Any help / ideas are very, very appreciated!



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After giving the BootGuard one more try, I realized via the Bypass options that the disk claims to have 30% encrypted data on the disk. I am sure that PGP has not reported any trouble during the decryption, but nevertheless I removed the hard disk once again and attached it to my other computer. After starting PGP it was awesome but the decryption continues automatically (the remaining 30% needs additional 6 hours decryption time). I am not sure what the problem during the first decryption phase was. I let run the computer over night (due to a estimated decryption of about 20 hours). After that the computer was not very responsive (but as stated earlier without any messages or hints that problems have occurred). I hope my second question / issue will go away after decrypting the remaining part of the hard disk.

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If you still have the problem, this Knowledge Base Article should help with assessing the disk status, and the apparent need to uninstrument the disk.

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