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PGP 10.2.1MP3 bricks MBPr running 10.7.4 (supposed to be supported)

Created: 01 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

Well, 10.2.1MP3 bricked my MBPr (and a 2012 Air) running 10.7.4.  10.2.1MP3 is supposed to support this architecture!

I installed PGP, rebooted, and encrypted without errors.   

The next time I rebooted however, the passphrase screen comes up, (twice) and I enter the passphrase (twice) then I get NO ENTRY. 

I booted into thunderbolt target disk mode and decrypted from another machine.

Both laptops are STILL bricks.

Neither will boot anything, even bootable USB drives.  This is bad, real bad.

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Have you attempted with MP4? 

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This doesn't sound like the normal behavior when an update from Apple overwrites our PGPboot EFI.  I would try clearning the PRAM on that Apple. Especially if it won't boot any external drives either.

If you hook the machine up via thunderbolt can you see the data from another machine?

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