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PGP 9.12 HDD Decrypt Passphrase Issue

Created: 08 Dec 2012 | 1 comment

I am trying to decrypt my secondary internal HDD on my Win 7 machine. The C Drive (OS) is not encrypted. My D Drive (music) is partially encrypted. Through the PGP Desktop I can see both drives and the D drive has the option to resume. When I click resume it asks for the passphrase. When I enter this it tells me that it is incorrect. When I boot the computer it asks me for the passphrase for the D Drive which I put in and it works fine and I can see all of the files.

I have tried the command line stuff and it informs me that the drive is not encrypted. I have also tried the recovery CD but it just sits there on bootup and tells me that is searching for WDE. This has been like this for two hours with no change.

I can copy all of the information from the drive but is rather large and will take a great period of time.

Can anyone suggest an option to get this to work?

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This Knowledge Base Article may help.  The other options that come to mind (if it is at least actually partly encrypted) would be to either attach the disk to another computer with PGP installed to attempt the decryption, or try adding an additional passphrase user for the disk and seeing if you can decrypt with that passphrase.

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