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PGP administrative accounts

Created: 24 Oct 2013 | 1 comment
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Un cliente tiene cuenta de acceso a la pagina web de administración con privilegios de usuario comun, ¿como puedo verificar si hay una cuenta con privilegios de administración, crear una nueva?
Si hubiera una existente, ¿como puedo borrar la contraseña para que puedan entrar si no tengo privilegios de administración?

A customer has access to the account management website with user privileges common, how I can check for an account with administrative privileges, create a new one?
If there is an existing, how I can clear the password so that they can enter if I have no administrative privileges?

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I don't know If I understood your question correctly ?

As a "Read-only Administrator" User you can logon to web interface add reset the passphrase by providing your current User passphrase and new one. "Read-only Administrator" User can only view settings and logs. You will not be able to reset a passphrase from User account to any other Administrators or Super User accounts. To be able to manage other Administrators (including they passphrase change ) you need to have a permission "Manage Administrators" which you can have only if you are a SuperUser (SEMS 3.3.1).

If the Admin console/GUI passphrase has been forgotten but only standard user access is available the only solution is to reset admin access from database point of view by modyfing passwordmd5 record of omc_administrator table but this require you to have an SSH access available to the server.
You would have to open a Technical Query with Symantec as this require database change.

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