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Created: 29 Jan 2013 | 1 comment
I work for the Center for Economic Studies at the US Census Bureau and am currently encrypting file using PGP. We have a potential for being overwhelmed with data encryption requests and are looking at automating at least part of our encryption algorithm. PGP is currently part of that algorithm. We are considering upgrading PGP and have questions on how to do it; I will pose some of these questions in this email.
  • I have looked at the documentation for the PGP application we currently have (version 9.6 for Windows) and noticed there is something called PGP command line. Do your latest versions of the application have this? Is PGP command line even what we need to automate encryptions? If not, are there any other utilities or applications used for that task?
We have PCs that have Windows XP 32-bit  operating systems for Intel processors, and linux servers with RedHat REHL5.x 64-bit operating systems for Intel hardware and xeon processors.
The other questions we have are:
  • Can PGP run a scheduler or chron job periodically searching for and encrypting files in a specific directory on our PC or linux servers?
  • When we encrypt files, we produce self-decrypting archives, which are then decrypted on site by the receiver of our data. Can such archives encrypted on a linux server be decrypted in the PC running windows? And vice-versa?
  • What is the cost of the software? We are looking either 5 individual licenses or one group license for five users.
  • Is there a trial version for this software available? If so, where would we find it? What information would we need to provide?
If you cannot answer any or all of these questions, please ford them to someone who can.
Thank you for your help.
David Ryan
Center for Economic Studies Data Staff

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Tom Mc's picture

Although you may have better response if posting in the Command Line Forum, I can offer some help.  It sounds like the Command Line product is what you are interested in; it is licensed separately and is not included in the PGP Desktop product.  You might be able obtain a trial;  I would suggest trying either the Chat With Sales, or telephone number on this second linked page.  The PGP Desktop product you have includes automatic encryption of email and email attachments, but I don't think this is what you are looking for.  You can use the Command Line product with scripts, and it can be used with Linux as well as with Windows.  You may already be aware that Self Decrypting Archieves (SDAs) can only be decrypted by Windows users.  I'm not a command line user, so can't help with some of the details others here may be able to help you with.  The Command Line User Guide will help with your questions. 

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