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PGP BootGuard Screen Remains after pgp client

Created: 10 Apr 2013 | 5 comments

I have encrypted one drive and then uninstalled the PGP client without decrypting, also i have deleted the user and device from universal server, but still PGP BootGuard screen is appearing after every boot and it is taking my credentials. I want to remove this bottguard screen, what is the solution.

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PGP Software cannnot be uninstalled while disk is encrypted. You will need to decrypt the disk completely in order to remove PGP application from system.

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I tried with the command line and checked it shows me that drive is encrypted and asks me for the authentication every time. It doesn't shows me the decrypt button, instead it shows me the encrypt button. But when i click on encrypt it gives me an error as 'Unable to encrypt Bad parameter (-12000)'

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how you remove Encrypt software on the client without decrypt the harddrive first??

As you encrypted it and now encrypt again so this is impossible and it will give you an error.

At the boot guard you should enter the credential or press F4 then enter the WDRT, when you logged on windows add your self an admin to the encryption disk then decrypt it. Everything should get back normal

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You can check the status using 

PGPWDE --status --disk 0

To decrypt the drive

PGPWDE --decrypt --disk 0 --passphrase "enter your disk passphrase"

Just make sure you use the passphrase which have decrypt permissions from universal server.

To check the permissions

Go to respective consumer policy> Drive Encryption

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I tried with status command which shows D drive is encrypted. Also, tried with decrypt command which shows command sent successful. But i did not get the button of decryption and when i click encrypt it shows me an error as 'Unable to encrypt Bad parameter (-12000)'.