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PGP Command Line 9.5.1 build 1027

Created: 07 Nov 2011 • Updated: 30 Nov 2011 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello there,

I am new to your Forum, request your help.

I am in the process of updating my current OS RHL 4 to  (Redhat Linux) RHL 6.

Will my existing PGP Command Line 9.5.1 build 1027 work in the new environment (RHL 6) ?  Do I have to take any precautions before the installation ?  Taking a backup of my existing home folder would be sufficient or any other folders needs to be backed up ?

Below is the command line output for Version .  As I cannot post my Organization and Lincence information they have been removed.

Based on your reponse, I would make my attempt to move or utilize the newer version of RHL.

End setup would result in virtual server. Currently it is configured as virtual, future the same setup would continue.

pgp --version --verbose
PGP Command Line 9.5.1 build 1027
Copyright (C) 2005 PGP Corporation
All rights reserved.

License information:
 State: Valid
 Evaluation: No
 Expiration: Never
 Name: Abcdefgh
 Organization: My Organization
 License number: XXXX
 Options: Encrypt/Sign enabled
 Options: Decrypt/Verify enabled
 Number of CPUs allowed: 1-2

Passphrase cache information:
 Cache new passphrases: Disabled
 Currently cached passphrases: 0

System information:
 Operating system: Linux
 Number of CPUs: 1

Time information:
 Time zone offset: -7:00
 Current time (UTC): 2011-11-07T08:24:30Z
 Current local time: 2011-11-07T01:24:30-07:00

File information:
 (Folder information removed from here)
 Home Directory: /home/abcdefgh/.pgp/
 Personal Directory: /home/abcdefgh/.pgp/
 Public Keyring: /home/abcdefgh/.pgp/pubring.pkr
 Private Keyring: /home/abcdefgh/.pgp/secring.skr
 Random Seed: /home/abcdefgh/.pgp/randseed.rnd

PGPsdk information:
 Runtime version: 3.7.1 release
 FIPS mode: Disabled
 Hardware RNG: Not detected

Public key algorithms:
 [ED--G] Elgamal - Elgamal
 [--SVG] Digital Signature Standard - DSA

Symmetric ciphers:



Forgot to mention.

I did go thru your internal KI document:

Thank you

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Julian_M's picture

You should backup your public and private keys, wherever they are. Extension .asc (single key)  , pkr and skr (public and secure keyrings).

And save your license information.
If you have issues downloading or authorizing the new product:

Customer care:

License renewal:

Follow the article and you will be good to upgrade.

Pleas mark poste as solved if you succesfully upgraded.

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GiridharV's picture

Thanks to the Sales team.  Team was quick in helping us get the key information from where we could download the new software PGP command line 10.2 (64bit) to be installed on RHEL 6 (64bit).

All went well. 

Logging the problem in a different ticket

Julian_M's picture

Happy to hear that!

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